ExoticAR15.com is an type 07 FFL Federal Firearm Licensed Manufacturer in Phoenix, Az. ExoticAR15 has held a firearm liscence since April 2017.  ExoticAR15.com has expanded its manufacturing Facility. ExoticAR15 machines its own lower receivers, then matching them to the upper to ensure there is no play whatsoever between the upper and lower receivers.   ExoticAR15 has been doing its own cerakoting in house since 2019. ExoticAR15 is one the World's leaders in custom battleworn cerakote paint jobs.  ExoticAR15.com started to manufacturer its own 50 cal AR pistoll's and rifles back in 2017. Even when IExoticAR15 asked it's barrel manufacturer to make a 7" 50 cal barrel they stated that' would be wild. Now it is one of their's and our best sellers.  Our customers feedback and our thru our attention to quality control proves our 50 cal AR pistols and rifles are something to talk about.

ExoticAR15 makes the world's shortest 50 cal AR pistol 7 inches. ExoticAR15 has been told by our customers that our 50 cals run better and are more reliable than the company that invented the 50 beowulf round. A.A. they know how to make ammunition for the 50 cal but our 50's are lighter and more appealing than theirs. 

ExoticAR15.com can make you any caliber, any Barrel length ANY COLOR, AR pistol or rifle within the law. Exotic also makes AR-10's. Soon to start mass producing 45 raptor rifles. Known for only 2" of drop at 200 yards. 

ExoticAR15 is located at

10443 N. Cave Creek Rd Suite 112

Phoenix , Arizona  85020

Hours of operation to the public 

Tuesday-Friday 11 am - 5pm 

Fri 12 noon to 6pm

Saturday  12 - 4pm

Closed Sundays & Mondays 

It is recommended to make an appointment as we are not always inside the showroom  Usually in the back  preparing &  cerakoting firearms. 

Email : exoticar15@yahoo.com

(480) 868-3100

Best way to contact is send a sms text message or email